About Us

Breed Love

 Moonroot Meditation is mindfulness-based cannabis education project.  The vision for this project is to foster connection and knowledge-sharing through accessible, inclusive, and light-hearted community gatherings & workshops where cannabis is not only discussed, but also celebrated.  We believe in bringing love & warmth into all that we do, and hope to cultivate loving energetic exchanges in our workshops & events.

Rise, Together

 Moonroot Meditation was created out of a dream to bring the therapeutic benefits of intentional cannabis consumption and mindfulness meditation together in supportive and open-minded environments that welcome all people.   We value mutual support, inclusiveness, collaboration, and elevating the strengths of our network of community partners.

Canna-tations for the Spirit

Moonroot Meditation offers group mindfulness & cannabis education workshops & classes, private group lunch-and-learns, private group workshops, and private 1-on-1/couples cannabis & mindfulness coaching sessions.  

Please e-mail us at moonrootmeditation@gmail.com for more details and quotes.