Welcome to our community!   Our mission is to build a thriving community of cannabis creatives who value equality, inclusion, diversity, and knowledge.  

We offer cannabis-friendly gatherings, consultation, collaborative events, content creation, and mindful meditation.  Our ethos is founded on an ever-growing understanding of mind and body and we cover topics such as meditation, yoga, energy-healing, sound-healing, nutrition, mental health, exercise, and knowledge of cannabis history & tradition.

Our Team

Dani Lily

Meditation teacher, cannabis activist/educator/advocate, writer, & creator of Moonroot Meditation.  Dani has been working in and serving the cannabis community through health & wellness for over 7 years since moving to Vancouver from a small town in Saskatchewan.  She was the 1st female president of UBC's Hempology 101 Cannabis Club.  She has seen first-hand the challenges and the successes of retail cannabis through her experience as a budtender for 2 years.  Her passion for education and activism thrived during her university years where she hosted many cannabis community & wellness events such as  Women's Nights, Cannabis Conferences, Cannabis Meditation & Yoga Classes,  Movie Nights, etc.  

Dani lives and breathes cannabis, and also dedicates much of her time to the art of mindful breathing through her meditation practice.  Although Dani has been meditating for 10 years, her teaching career began with a 200-hour meditation teaching certification under the guidance of Hiroko Demichelis (Vancouver Brain Lab, Moment Meditation) in 2017-18 and another 12 hour meditation teaching certification with Carolyn Budgell and One Yoga Vancouver in 2018 .

She created this project because in many ways, cannabis, mindfulness, & meditation have played critical roles in her wellness-seeking habits, and have been some of her greatest teachers and spiritual allies. As culture & society shift toward perspectives that embrace rather than resist this magical plant, she aims to add her voice to the thousands of others advocating for and educating others on the vast potential cannabis has to support your wellbeing and help bring more bliss into your life.

In combination, cannabis & meditation have and continue to teach resilience, patience, surrender, self-compassion, self-healing, and empowerment to experience the vibrancy of life through radical acceptance.  Moonroot Meditation exists to support you in your own mindful cannabis exploration by cultivating understanding, curiosity, and community connection.

Harrow Lily

Harrow's values are centered around community & creativity.  During travels abroad he sought out cannabis across Australia, Southeast Asia, India and Nepal.  Inspiring him to pursue cultural studies as an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia, he became Vice President of the grassroots activist group Hempology 101 UBC.  Specializing in cultural Anthropology, colonialism & south Asian history, Harrow is now working to promote awareness and accessibility of quality cannabis therapeutics, and bring together contemporary and traditional knowledge of the sacred plant and its uses. 

@harrow.inthehay | @moonrootcraft